10 tips on making progress in an hour a day

  I don’t know about you, but I have very little time right now. I have a pre-school child and a husband who works full-time. I decided when I started back as a freelancer after maternity leave a couple of years ago that I didn’t want to work silly antisocial hours, and I’m sticking toContinue reading “10 tips on making progress in an hour a day”

How to capture your ideas so they don’t escape!

When do your best ideas come to you? Mine usually appear when I’m least able to write them down. In the shower, while driving, or while pushing my daughter on a swing for example. And I had a brilliant idea in the middle of the night the other day, but I wasn’t able to writeContinue reading “How to capture your ideas so they don’t escape!”

Why I think that completed projects should be reviewed

This blog post was originally published as an article on LinkedIn. It’s about projects that are completed within an agency, for corporate clients. But many of the principles still work for other businesses that manage communications projects – just that some of the key metrics may be different. I was a project director in anContinue reading “Why I think that completed projects should be reviewed”

What is good project management?

This post is about agency project management, where communications projects are developed and implemented for clients. The same principles apply to other communications projects, but the responsibilities within the project are likely to be different. My inspiration for this blog post comes from a Facebook post in a freelance group I’m in. Another freelancer inContinue reading “What is good project management?”

A generalist or a specialist?

This is the second time I’ve freelanced, so I’m building on what I learned last time in terms of the types of projects to take on. There is a lot written about having a niche, offering just one specific service, so that potential clients know what you do. But I’ll be honest, I struggle withContinue reading “A generalist or a specialist?”