Introduction To Twitter – for charities and small businesses

This 22 page guide is aimed at people starting out on Twitter for the first time, or who have set up a Twitter account but don’t really know how to use it. It comes with a social media planning sheet, delivered as a separate pdf file.

I have been using Twitter since 2010, mainly as a volunteer within local charities and community organisations, but also to help local businesses and other organisations increase awareness of their events, products or services.

All of the ideas in this guide are therefore focused on local communication and engagement, although of course many of them are transferable whatever your plans for using Twitter.

The guide will take you through some of the things to think about when setting up the account, what to tweet about, who to follow, and how to communicate with others.

Introduction to Twitter costs £17.00 and includes a social media planning guide as a separate pdf file.

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Testimonials for my Twitter training

“Nina gave me the push I needed to take the plunge into the world of Twitter – in a wonderfully supportive and understanding way. I was very apprehensive about stepping into a public platform I didn’t really understand, but by targeting her training to my level and needs, Nina gave me the tools and confidence I needed to get started. I now need a follow up course on how to grow my following and take the next hill!” Natalie, Mer-ka-bah (attaining a happier, healthier, balanced life)

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