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My name is Nina Lenton and nina_5 (2)I help creatively-minded business owners untangle their ideas, giving them clarity and focus to help them move forwards.

Do you have a million ideas in your head, but you can’t work out which one to focus on first?

Or perhaps you’re about to launch a new project or publish a new book, but you’re getting overwhelmed by all the things you think you should be doing?

I offer four services that may help…..

£50. Mini ideas untangling session – 60 minute call – to give you renewed focus and clarity

£150. Ideas untangling standard package – 60-90 minute call, bespoke plan/template plus follow-up call – to give you a plan and some accountability

£700. Ideas untangling accountability package – 60-90 minute call, bespoke plan/template plus 3 months of accountability calls – to help you see the plan through to completion.

Bespoke cost per project. The Ideas Untangling platinum package – depending on the project and the timescale, I may be able to manage a small project for you, set up some online tools or profiles, or write some content.

With a background in marketing and communications project management, and plenty of creative ideas of my own, I’m well-placed to provide a bit of structure around your creative chaos!

So, if you’re the owner of a small or very small business and this sounds like something you need, please do get in touch to arrange your Ideas Untangling session.

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