Why use social media to promote your small business?

When I studied marketing back in the early 2000s, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook didn’t exist. But as website technology evolved, what we know as social media soon followed. And now, if you have a business, small or large, it is expected that you will have some sort of presence on social media.Continue reading “Why use social media to promote your small business?”

What is good project management?

My inspiration for this blog post comes from a Facebook post in a freelance group I’m in. Another freelancer in the group had just agreed terms with a new agency client, and received more details on a project. And had been asked to send back the first piece of work with a deadline barely 24Continue reading “What is good project management?”

A generalist or a specialist?

This is the second time I’ve freelanced, so I’m building on what I learned last time in terms of the types of projects to take on. There is a lot written about having a niche, offering just one specific service, so that potential clients know what you do. But I’ll be honest, I struggle withContinue reading “A generalist or a specialist?”

Why Purple Crocus?

Why did I name my company Purple Crocus? Well to be honest I wanted to name it Purple Penguin, on account of my fondness for penguins. But that name had already been used. So I went for Purple Crocus instead. But as it happens, purple crocuses do also have a significance for me. You mayContinue reading “Why Purple Crocus?”