Tips on managing idea overwhelm

So you have a million ideas running around your head at the moment, for your business and your life. You don’t know which one to tackle first, or how you’re ever going to get them all done. Especially if you currently have your children around 24 hours a day.

What can you do?

Here are my tips for clearing your head and managing idea overwhelm.

1. Make time for yourself

When you’re busy, especially if that involves being around other people, it’s important to make a little bit of time for yourself each day. For example 5 minutes in a room alone dancing to music, doing a meditation, or having an uninterrupted shower with some luxurious shower gel.

2. Make space for yourself

If you’re sharing your living and working space with others, make sure there is a small corner that is for you. You may be lucky enough to have a whole room to yourself, or you may just need to put some cushions in a quiet corner, or decorate an area of the living room with some things you love to look at.

3. Get outside

Fresh air is amazing for clearing the head, especially if it’s combined with exercise like a walk or a run. I find that even a 5 minute walk round the block can often help to move thoughts in my brain and turn them into action plans, or lessen their urgency.

4. Exercise

If you can’t get outside, you could always dance around your bedroom or kitchen. Putting on a favourite tune and singing out loud while doing some silly dance moves makes you feel good. Doing some stretching exercises or yoga in your lounge will give you something else to focus on for a while.

5. Write everything down

question-mark-2492009_1920If you have a lot in your head, it really helps to just write it all down on one piece of paper. Then it’s no longer floating around, it’s all in front of you so you can start to do something about it. (Do this as often as you need to – once a day, once a week etc)

Once it’s on the piece of paper, categorise it, prioritise it and then do one action from the list! That sounds very simple written down like that, but isn’t so easy to do in practice – I know. So, to help you with this, I have created a pdf guide to take you through each step in a bit more detail.

To obtain a copy, just sign up to my mailing list using the link here. (You can unsubscribe at any time – but if you choose to stay on the list, you’ll receive more tips on organising your ideas and getting things done.)


So if you are feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff in your head – all the amazing ideas and all the things you need to do, just take a step back and try one of the above.

Sometimes one of them will work, sometimes you’ll need to try a couple of things. But if you make some time and space for you, get outside and do some exercise, each of those will make a good start on clearing your head.

You might have so much in your head that you really do need a detailed plan, in which case start with the planner, and if you need 1:1 help, do get in touch. (You can see a list of my services here.)

Image credit  Arek Socha via Pixabay

Published by Nina

I am an explorer, observer, thinker and planner who communicates using photography and writing. I'm brilliant at creating order out of chaos, turning big ideas into practical plans, and currently work as a freelance project management specialist.

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