Why Purple Crocus?

Why did I name my company Purple Crocus?

Well to be honest I wanted to name it Purple Penguin, on account of my fondness for penguins. But that name had already been used. So I went for Purple Crocus instead.

But as it happens, purple crocuses do also have a significance for me.

You may have seen large clusters of purple crocuses growing in your local town, with a Rotary sign next to them, and wondered why that was.

A project that Rotary is involved in internationally is the End Polio Now campaign, aiming to completely eradicate polio from the world. This takes the form of fundraising, awareness raising, high level advocacy work, and practical assistance with vaccinations in specific countries.

When children are vaccinated, their fingers are marked with purple ink so that the health workers can easily see who still needs vaccinating.

Rotary Day is in February, when crocuses are emerging into the spring light. And hence the purple crocus was chosen as a symbol for the polio awareness campaign that occurs at that time every year.

So my company name has a nice reference to my voluntary work as a Rotarian as well as my work as a medical communications freelancer.

For more about Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign, visit the website.

Published by Nina

I am an explorer, observer, thinker and planner who communicates using photography and writing. I'm brilliant at creating order out of chaos, turning big ideas into practical plans, and currently work as a freelance project management specialist (marketing/communications).

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