A generalist or a specialist?

This is the second time I’ve freelanced, so I’m building on what I learned last time in terms of the types of projects to take on.

There is a lot written about having a niche, offering just one specific service, so that potential clients know what you do.

But I’ll be honest, I struggle with that.

Firstly because I love variety. That’s why I freelance, and that’s why in more recent years I’ve focused more on working with agencies than directly for one pharma company. I don’t want to be working on the same therapy area all the time. I’m curious, I want to be learning about something new.

And secondly because I have a broad set of skills.

I haven’t followed the traditional sales then marketing pharma route or chosen between medical writing and account management on the agency side. I haven’t worked in sales, although I spent plenty of time out and about with sales reps in my CRM database role doing 1:1 bespoke training. My agency contracts or jobs have been hybrid roles, where I did a bit of account management, a bit of writing/editing/proofreading, and a lot of project management.

And my work has been across marketing, medical communications and public affairs/policy, supplemented by working with small businesses and charities and by local volunteering!!

I am primarily a project manager/project director, but I like to use my other skills and knowledge as well.

So as a freelancer I have chosen to focus on working with organisations in the areas of health and medical communications, and offer a broad range of project management and writing services. I have found that this is particularly appreciated by smaller organisations who just need to get on and get things done.

So yes, I’d say I’m a generalist not a specialist.

But I thrive on that. It’s right for me at the moment. It keeps my interest and gives me endless possibilities. And allows me to continue to work with a range of companies on a series of different projects.

Image by diapicard from Pixabay


Published by Nina

I am an explorer, observer, thinker and planner who communicates using photography and writing. I'm brilliant at creating order out of chaos, turning big ideas into practical plans, and currently work as a freelance project management specialist (marketing/communications).

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