Medical communications project management & medical writing support services

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My name’s Nina Lenton, and I am a project management specialist with a background in marketing and communications.

I have over 15 years experience as a project manager/project director. I have worked client-side and agency-side, and currently run my own business as a freelancer, working on a part-time basis from Maidenhead.

I offer the following freelance services within medical communications:

For agencies and their clients:
1. Assisting with proposals and pitches
2. Setting up and monitoring progress of new projects
3. Managing small projects (alone or as part of a team)
4. Organising written content for projects (writing, editing, referencing)
5. Providing business support eg measuring KPIs, setting up new processes

For medical charities:
1. Managing small projects
2. Organising/writing content for projects
3. Providing business support eg measuring KPIs, setting up new processes

Previous client work has included:

  • Managing specific projects for the marketing product manager of a small company
  • Managing a business support project for the communications manager of a small charity
  • Managing part of a larger project as a member of an agency team
  • Contributing content and ideas to a proposal for an agency team
  • Helping a small agency untangle a complicated project to provide some clear plans
  • Assisting various agencies with development of written content for client projects

Visit my LinkedIn profile or get in touch to arrange a chat.